The International Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Policy (INTER-CEP) is a research resource and knowledge dissemination hub seeking the adoption of evidence and context-led policy making in the field of entrepreneurship.

UCL launched The International Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Policy (INTER-CEP) in 2012 with the aim of encouraging more evidence-led policy-making and reflect on what works in the field instead of pursuing global policy trends and fashions.

By connecting the research community, industry professionals and policy-makers we hope to increase the efficacy of policy-making and public sector investment designed to spur innovation and entrepreneurship growth.

This aim is achieved through:

  • The provision and development of the world’s first online database of public sector interventions in support of enterprise and entrepreneurship around the world
  • A programmed series of events and quarterly workshops that bring together civil servants, academics and practitioners to facilitate knowledge exchange on the efficacy of funded programmes
  • The development and launch of a new academic journal to deepen the research agenda into what works.

INTER-CEP is led by Prof Michael Stewart of University College London (UCL) and was launched with support from the British Council, Georgetown University (USA) and the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (Sweden). The original partners have been joined recently by  The Rain Gods.