Manuscripts considered for publication are under specific branches of enterprise and entrepreneurship policy:

  • Public support for new venture creation, nascent entrepreneurship and ecosystems
  • Student entrepreneurship and university support of entrepreneurs
  • Investment, financing/access to finance and tax
  • Female entrepreneurship and gender issues in entrepreneurship
  • Role of non-government institutions in supporting government policy
  • International comparison studies of the effectiveness of government policy
  • Education, training, and access to talent and skills
  • Entrepreneurial behaviours, attitudes and psychology
  • Social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and society
  • Business/entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts in one of the categories:

  1. Policy-track: a Global community of academics evaluating the effectiveness and efficacy of government interventions, utilising qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods. Less than 8,000 words max including text, with references and appendices. Includes 1-page summary.
  2. Practice-track: Analysis of novel case studies, country comparisons and use of time-series data. 3-000-5,000 words max including all text, with references and appendices. Includes 1-page case study summary.


Articles will be assessed on an international peer-reviewed basis, refereed through a double-blind process. We publish two issues per year for up to six papers per issue.

We are inviting thought pieces and contributions from policy-makers and practitioners with experiences of their own from the frontline of new policy work as well as expressions of problems that researchers may choose to investigate.


How to submit your paper

You have two ways to submit your manuscript: EEPP

1) EEPP receives all papers submissions electronically via the Open Access website, or;

2) Send a mail to with the subject line: EEPP

For further information, contact the Programme Coordinator, Robert Forster at